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Weight Loss for Dayton

In my experience of working with people that are overweight over the last 23 years, the manner in which excess weight is carried by the body reveals one of four hormonal malfunctions Which body type are you? Weight loss for {PRACTICE CITY}

Adrenal: Need coffee to wake up, get out of breath when climbing stairs, dark circles around eyes Ovary: Hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain in hips, thighs and buttocks Thyroid: Outer eyebrows thinning, loss of libido, overall weight gain Liver: Headaches, irritability and moodiness (especially in the morning), burping and belching

Our Unique Approach

We use a three-pronged approach to produce weight loss naturally, without drugs or surgery:
iconChemical: whole food supplements to support your body’s ability to heal your stressed-out glands.

spine iconStructural: persistent body pain blocks fat burning, so whatever pain problems there are must be addressed first in order to burn fat.

drama iconEmotional: addictions to pop, chocolate, caffeine, etc. and how to break the addictions with use of Neuro Emotional Technique.

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What you’ll learn at our Health & Wellness Workshop:

  • The four different types of fat, and what’s really behind each one.
  • The biggest reasons why most people never get into fat-burning, despite lots of exercise and diet.
  • The best method of getting rid of your belly so it doesn’t come back.
  • How to stop cravings within 1-3 days.
  • Find out why many people plateau with their weight within the first two weeks of any program.
  • Learn what time of the day the body best burns fat.
  • Find out what body type should NOT be exercising.
  • The three things that nullify fat-burning hormones.
  • Why a person can have a normal blood test, yet simultaneously have many physical problems.
  • The single biggest mistake people make while exercising, which will prevents fat burning.
  • What the body really needs nutritionally when it craves sweets, starches, breads, chocolate, chips, ice, or grapefruit. Different cravings indicate different things.
  • The “drink more water” myth, and why drinking more water will not help you lose or burn fat.
  • Find out what hormones are and what they do “in simple terms.”
  • Learn the menopausal connection to weight gain.
  • Why calories are insignificant compared to fat-burning hormones.
  • Learn why the “consume-less-fat” myth, and why reducing fat calories rarely helps with weight loss.
  • Understanding of the hormone influences over food and exercise.

Seating limited to 8 people who want to lose weight naturally. Call to reserve your seat today!