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Dayton Nutritional Supplements

I use a Symptom Survey to uncover nutritional stresses to your body.

Dr. Hasemeier reviews the results with each patient.

Most of us are missing key nutrients from our diet. Dr. Hasemeier helps find out which ones.

The Survey helps locate imbalances or missing nutrients required for your body to work at its best. This multiple choice questionnaire takes an inventory of the health of your entire body. Virtually every organ and system is considered.

Besides the thorough evaluation, it suggests what might be missing from your diet that could be affecting your digestion, ovaries, stomach and other vital organs and systems. We fill in the missing pieces using whole food supplements—not synthetic chemicals. This helps increase your resistance to all types of stress.

We also use the Symptom Survey to monitor your progress. Comparing the results of a subsequent Survey allows us to make continuous course corrections during your recovery.

“Our patients often mention how complete the Symptom Survey is,” observes Dr. Hasemeier. “They’re delighted by what a few targeted supplements can do to help improve their health.”

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