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The Home Run Formula

We'll consider all four bases of the Home Run Formula.

We’ll consider all four bases of the Home Run Formula.

While it’s popular to imagine that health can be restored by attending to just one issue, we’ve found that four areas are necessary. At Hasemeier Health we attend to all four bases of the Home Run Formula:

Structure: Balance, alignment and optimum biomechanics of your skeletal system is essential for movement and full expression of life. Life is movement!

Emotions: Our emotional health affects our attitude, our relationships and our ability to interpret the world. Overlook this and life is reduced to mere existence.

Toxins: We live in an increasingly polluted environment. The air we breathe and the water we drink lack the healthful properties that our grandparents enjoyed.

Biochemistry: Today’s produce are often devoid of essential vitamins and minerals because they are grown in depleted soils using artificial fertilizers.

We’ll consider each of these “bases” as we perform our examination, evaluate your case and develop a strategy for the recovery of your health.

Spinal problems rarely get better on their own. Begin care today. If you have questions not answered here, give our Springboro office a call.