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EAV and Homeopathy

What is EAV Testing?

EAV (Electroacupuncture according to Voll) was developed by a German physician, Dr. Reinhard Voll. This technique measures the electrical parameters of energetic meridians. The client holds a brass hand mass while the practitioner uses a brass-tipped probe and touches the probe to the EAV point.

This allows a complete electrical circuit to occur. The probe relays the information to the computer which then sorts and stores the information. The electrical voltage reading for a particular point reflects the organ-meridian system’s energetic level. This means that if a reading comes in low (below 45) it can indicate an energetic blockage or degeneration of the organ-meridian system. Conversely, if the energetic reading comes in high (above 65) it can indicate energetically inflammation of the organ-meridian system. This tool is a wonderful way to assess the BioEnergetic levels in a client and to monitor a client’s progress with supplemental therapies.

An initial BioEnergetic Assessment consists of measuring EAV points to give an overall view of the energetic levels in the body. Once a priority point is established, the next step is to go into balancing mode and energetically test supplements, sensitivities, modalities, etc., for balance.

The 4 Key values of the use of EAV in you’re Creating a Healthier You program?

1. The testing allows to listen in to the bodies systems to tell us which ones are under working and over working.
2. Monitor a person’s progress.
3. Determines which nutritional supplement, homeopathic remedy ,or herbal supplement will aid in the healing and balancing of the body
4. Determine the exact dosage that you need.

How long does it take for an Initial Assessment – Each l Assessment usually takes 60 minutes.

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