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Think of it as acupuncture?without the needles!

Think of it as acupuncture?without the needles!

Auriculotherapy (aw-rik-ulo-therapy) is similar to ear acupuncture—without the needles.

Imagine your brain as a computer. Inside this computer is a “map” of the body. This “map” is projected onto the ear through the body’s nervous system. Accessing the points on the “map” is like using a computer’s keyboard or mouse to gain entrance into the system. With this system we are able to directly treat a number of problems and conditions through the “brain’s computer”.

Tiny amounts of electrical stimulation is introduced at key reflex points on the outside of the ear. Depending upon the reflex point being treated, stimulation to various parts of your body result. There are no known side effects, but most of our patients feel a slight tingling at the ear reflex points during the treatment.

Auriculotherapy has been used for more than three decades with excellent success and is helpful for a number of conditions, such as nicotine dependence, appetite reduction, stress and pain.