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It's not the cat, It's you!

It’s not the cat, It’s you!

It’s not the cat dander, the tree pollen or other common allergens that are the problem. Not everyone reacts. So, there’s something about you producing the itchy eyes, runny nose and other reactions.

An Inappropriate Reaction

Neuropeptides cause our emotional reality to affect both the immune system and the nervous system. Each plays its part to help us respond to our surroundings properly. But breaking out in hives or uncontrollable sneezing around a cat or eating strawberry shortcake is inappropriate!

We can help.

The Underlying Cause

Each of us has the capacity to withstand or adapt to stress, in this case chemical stress. Often our inability to deal with things we eat, breathe or come into contact with is the result of an unresolved emotion that our bodies have linked with the offending substance. Identify and resolve the emotion (that’s what we help you do) and the allergic reaction disappears. Almost instantly. Without injections. Without medications. Or side effects.

If you rely on antihistamines or dangerous steroids to control allergic symptoms, you’ll appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of our approach.

“I’d like to discuss your specific allergy issue and share our success with helping others,” says Dr. Rick Hasemeier. “Give our office a call.